Web portals

Bosch-Druck ensures the success and growth of more than 20 different web-shops by managing the complete production of highly customized products and individual shipments.

Regardless of whether photo books, calendars, cards, posters or other very specific products - the key to our success is our unique mix of production technologies including offset litho, HP Indigo digital printing and high performance inkjet printing in combination with complete finishing and logistic services all in one location.

Our highly specialized IT systems communicate constantly with your web shop and backend system in order to ensure a continuous overview of the production. We commission your customer orders according to e-shopping carts, prepare for delivery and send them to different customers across Europe.

We can increase our production capacity to offset the effects of seasonal high peaks. Quality management through barcode systems allow for a guaranteed error-free unique production.

On many occasions we have supported startup companies to establish their web-shops in the e-commerce industry by assisting them with their product development and launches.

Online orders with multiple products are reconciled in our logistics into one shipment.
Online orders with multiple products are reconciled in our logistics into one shipment.

Customized production and European-wide shipping

To ensure the production of customized products and shipping to final customers, specialized production technology and IT systems are required. Since the beginning of the internet boom, we have been consistently working on the continuous refinement of our processes.To support the automated electronic transfer of ordering and production data, broadband internet lines designed for peak loads are available.

Flexible interfaces allow for rapid integration and a quick project setup. An integrated production tracking with barcode control ensures compliance of service-level agreements. The production status is continuously transmitted to the source systems.

An interim warehouse facility with 5,000 storage positions allows for different products to be sorted into one shopping bin and then sent to the final customer. Furthermore, advertising materials or non-print products can be added to the shipment.



Photo Books, Calendars & Cards

The production of photo books is very challenging: to achieve a perfect print quality it is absolutely essential to have a color management procedure which is consistently controlled and monitored. Many years of experience are required to achieve short lead times and one-off production with a high binding quality and long shelf life.

For years we have perfected the manufacturing process of personalized photo books and have achieved worldwide a leading level of quality for both soft and hardcover products.

Manufacturing greeting cards without barcodes and then allocating them correctly to a variety of different envelopes is a special challenge. Bosch-Druck has also developed an innovative method to address this issue which is also used to produce and dispatch individual product samples.

Web shop logistics and fulfillment

Our experience with commissioning print products can be easily transferred to other non-print items. In this way you, as an e-business company, can use our commissioning service for all your items, regardless of whether they are produced by us or supplied externally.