For decades, we have established ourselves as a strong partner for the publishing industry. Our magazine and book productions are characterized by fine screens, excellent bookbinding execution, high-quality finishing and a variety of letter shop services.

In addition, we have developed a range of special services specifically for our publishing house customers, including dummy production, circulation optimization, warehousing, return management, personalized advertising, global shipping and much more.

The key to our success is our unique mix of production technologies including offset litho, HP Indigo digital printing and high performance inkjet printing in combination with complete finishing and logistic services all in one location.

This enables us to easily meet your demands for economic efficiency, individuality and exclusivity. Our wide range of services and flexibility has convinced many customers to use Bosch-Druck as their complete service provider.

Perfect bound soft- and hardcover products for publishers are produced in-house with excellent quality.
Perfect bound soft- and hardcover products for publishers are produced in-house with excellent quality.


High quality publishing products

We produce with different screening technologies (80, 120, 160, FM, Auraia) and if desired, can refine your product with UV and dispersion varnish. Our modern assembly units in the further finishing steps make for perfect binding quality, smooth seams, thin glue application, excellent opening and page turning behavior as well as angular edged book spines. These characteristics have become the gold standard in our production of sophisticated publishing products.

All production systems are equipped with a barcode control to ensure the correct assignment of different versions (e.g. languages), even for projects with a high level of variations and small order volume. We are also easily able to produce slipcases, thread sealing or stitching, inserts, bound inserts or provide letter shop services and international shipping with various logistic companies.


Regardless of how you order, you will receive our personal attention and each user receives an automated status message for their order.

  • Short print run: HP Indigo
  • Medium print run: Inkjet (Special feature: black and white products can be upgraded at a minimal extra charge by interspersing color pages.)
  • Large print run: Offset print
  • Backlist optimization


Personalization / Web-to-Print

Due to our expertise in manufacturing for web-shops, we can offer comprehensive services in a wide variety of personalized and Web-to-Print products:

  • Professional publishing with personalized content, e.g. children’s books, photo books, cookbooks, cards and calendars.
  • For trade or professional journals: personalized advertisements, covers and editorials.