Marketing & Procurement

Are you in charge of making marketing decisions or are you responsible for the purchasing in an industrial, commercial or financial company? Are you looking for top quality and service at the most cost effective conditions? Then, we have what you need! We combine a highly customized range of services with the premium quality of a classic printing house and the economic efficiency of an online print service provider.

At Bosch-Druck you can order individually, from your ERP or by using our Web-to-Print system. Regardless of how you order, you will receive our personal attention and each user receives an automated status message for their order.

We can produce your specialized products or your entire portfolio. We have no limitations to the size of the print run; we can manufacture express productions overnight, warehouse products for your on-demand orders or send directly to the individual recipient.

Our mix of production technologies including offset litho, HP Indigo digital printing and high performance inkjet printing in combination with complete finishing and logistic services all in one location is the key to our success. This enables us to meet your demands for economic efficiency, individuality and exclusivity. Our wide range of services and flexibility has convinced many customers to use Bosch-Druck as their complete service provider.



Print products with finishing

As a partner for marketing and purchasing organizations, we advise and assist our clients by the conception of new marketing tools and develop ways in which these can be produced both cost effectively and at the highest quality.

Regardless of whether drip-off varnish, relief structures, scented coating, hot-foil stamping, a unique folding, if with perforation or punching: we manufacture almost any print product in print runs from 1 to 1 million copies.

Outsourcing and Print Management

Our services go beyond the production process. We frequently act as a full-outsourcing service provider because our specialized IT system communicates effectively with your ERP solutions.

Due to the wide range of technological features we have available to choose from such as offset, HP Indigo digital and inkjet, we are able to produce tailored products to meet your specific needs cost-effectively. We produce according to forecasts, store the products and make them available upon demand. We commission customer orders according to e-shopping carts, prepare for delivery and send them to different customers across Europe.


Print jobs originate from different source systems and are processed in our IT workflows.
Print jobs originate from different source systems and are processed in our IT workflows.


Are you a buyer or print manager looking for an economical internet based procurement solution where any type of print material can be configured and ordered, including the option to integrate your existing purchasing solution?

On numerous occasions we have produced projects using the entire range of services available e.g. from the punch-out service offered in the main catalogue to the configuration of products from other suppliers and even reporting, if desired.

Our consulting and planning expertise ensures that each project is successfully and economically realized. Due to the wide range of technological features we have available to choose from, we guarantee the optimal solution for your needs.